Girls of Tomorrow

Feature-length documentary written and directed by Nora PhilippeIn development

With the support of Women Make Movies :


At an all-female college in New York City, five young women from diverse backgrounds are reinventing politics, power, solidarity, gender and activism. Their feminism is innate and their battle cry is “now”. I follow them from their college years to their fifties, from 2015 to 2045.

I’m ready!
Dad was a feminist
They just don’t see me
The IUD didn’t work
Food stamps for years
The taste of that first kiss
I’ll be the first woman on Mars
Nora, I’m moving to Dakar tomorrow
Maybe a woman, but I think it’ll change
Replanting mangrove in the Philippines
I’m going to shake it like Beyonce
Learning to hunt at the age of 12
I only survived by running away
Start publishing poems now
Marrying? Nursing??
Night-swimming at Coney Island
I’m so in favor of masturbation classes
Is making children really eco-friendly?
Unlearning your first language again and again
Should I run down UBS from the inside, or the outside
Going to the mosque dressed like a man
Winning the girls’ rugby championship
My grandmother had four husbands
Carrying a dead brother’s name
Becoming the first female rabbi
My body is not your house
Afterwards, a Nobel Prize
Reform or revolution
The time is now

Interview me again in 2030

DOP: Cécile Bodénès
Editor: Anne Souriau
Script Counselor: Heidi Fleisher